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Organised business content
Genis e-OrgDoc is a comprehensive software solution for content management in developing business operations. Integrated procedures and functions reduce the complexity of administrative work, volume of manual data input and time spent searching for information. Efficient system business content management and built-in communication capabilities increases information and knowledge flow throughout the whole company.

Content management

Genis e-OrgDoc provides the capability to manage and access business content in electronic form:
  • Electronic documentation management from any source
  • Incorporates document life-cycle, including version control
  • Modifiable and hierarchical documentation organisation
  • Comprehensive electronic communication (e-mail, message notification, instant messaging)
  • Access to documents via Internet or desk-based users
  • Setting readers and editors for specific documents and managers
  • Managing document recipient list
  • Centralised operation and control of documentation
  • Full document tracking and information flow
  • Converting documents into standard PDF form
  • Adding watermark to PDF documents
  • Locking PDF documents (without watermark) before printing

Simply put, the e-OrgDoc solution supports total document life cycles from initiation, designation, collection, update and maintenance to storage and archiving. Electronic documents are ready-upon-request without unnecessary paper-based copies.

Linking information

An intuitive user interface provides users with fast entry and access to data with minimal typing and mouse clicking. e-OrgDoc speeds up document circulation by automated information transmission via e-mail. Users can add optional reference links to additional information sources within documents, similar documents, databases or web pages. Reference links are stored in attached text-based files together with other relevant data. Genis solutions can deliver a centralised work environment for information professionals, allowing automated access to different file types (doc, ppt, xls, pdf, tif, jpeg, mpeg...) using associated applications.

Organised business documentation

Innovative Genis solutions offer a high level of flexibility by setting required electronic document types, as well as setting documentation for different areas of business. Genis e-OrgDoc is an efficient solution for creating organised work environments and supporting different process documentation. As a system that is based on the leading business practices it fulfils the most important pre-conditions for successful introduction of business quality standards:

Handling documents for quality systems management
: Solutions are compatible with ISO 9001, 14000, 18001 system requirements

Business documentation management:
Gain the ability for structured storage of contracts, matters, notices, correspondence, files, folders...

Documentation is always accessible using powerful client applications or via the internet; broadening access to business content regardless of user location. Genis e-OrgDoc supports conversion and access to documents in standard PDF format (portable document format).
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